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Takeshi Saitoh ( 1058 ₱ )

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Game News

Game News is an online gaming Team. Its provided for news, reviews, and interviews concerning upcoming games on consoles and computers, while its place where people can share their games or any idea related to game filed.

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Anime Otaku

Anime News is an anime team that reports on the status of anime, manga, video games, Japanese popular music and other related cultures within North America, Australia and Japan. Additionally, it sometimes features similar happenings throughout the Anglosphere and elsewhere in the world. The website offers reviews and other editorial content, forums where readers can discuss current issues and events, and an encyclopedia that contains a large number of anime and manga with information in English

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Open Source Projects

Open Source Projects is a programming Team where we can create sites, applications, games and other things. In the free time we share knowledge by providing courses, performing mentorship and blogging.

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ENTRTAIMENT is a Team where people can share laughter. also it’s the best place where fun creators and bored people meet. Unlike ordinary fun sites which are full of disturbing ads, ENTRTAIMENT Team aims at spreading happiness to the world in an elegant way. When you come across something funny, you can share it or just leave a comment .

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Game Development

Team that talks about game development, both indie and AAA games. From its news to its making.

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L'amour du sport

Des news ainsi que des top sur tout les sport même les moins connus vous serrez servie car le sport est une évasion complète de la vie.

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